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It All Started With a Single T-Shirt

The story of Les Deux began in Copenhagen in 2011, when a law student from the suburbs met a creative guy with roots from abroad in one of the city’s bars. As the Two began talking, one noticed the other’s T-shirt: plain white with military patches sewn on by hand.

Two completely different people with two completely different backgrounds met – preppy and urban, creative and entrepreneur – and they had the spark of an idea to build a menswear brand based on this T-shirt. The dream was big: they’d unite preppy and urban clothing inspired by their own contrast, take responsibility for people, and change people’s lives throughout the world.

A lot has happened since that first meeting. We’ve grown from a business run from the founder’s small apartment to an international brand with a team of 100, motivated by that core belief that when different people come together, anything is possible.

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Inspired By Community

This has become the foundation for everything that we do.

We’re inspired by people, by inclusive groups that welcome everyone, and by those who build each other up. Whether it’s a tight-knit basketball group in Paris, or the small moments where complete strangers help each other out, we find our creativity from the heart, passion, and hard work that we see all around us every day.

Our dream only came to life because of the people we’ve met along the way. The energy that's created when everyone pushes forward as one has been a big part of our success. And it’s why community is so important to us.

Building a Legacy

Through hard work, dedication, and determination, we can impact those who haven’t had the same opportunities as us through our Legacy program.

We want to make a difference to the communities who’ve welcomed us, contributing to projects as diverse as building schools for Syrian refugees in the Middle East and social initiatives that give young people around the world a second chance.

Our goal is to have a Legacy project running in every single community we have a connection to. To us, this is as important as building that T-shirt into a brand was.

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